100% Free Referrals.

We believe that access to therapy should be equitable and effortless.

We help grow your practice by connecting you with nearby clients who are a good fit for your profile.

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About Maryh

Maryh is a secure & automated service for clients to search for licensed therapists that fit their needs and match their preferences.
Our mission is to simplify the journey that a client has to take to get to their first positive experience in therapy.
Clients no longer have to suffer through a long and, often, distressful search through directories to find you!

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How Maryh Helps

100% free referrals

We help clients connect with mental healthcare professionals that fit the needs of the client at no cost to either the client or the professional.

No walled gardens

We use your website, and directory listings to populate and update our database. When a client matches your profile, we reach out to get your consent to send you the referral

More than a directory

We’ve built a platform that makes it easy for you to put yourself into a client's search if you sense a good fit. We ensure that your profile shows up in the right search results at the right time.

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Join a community of mental health professionals who are committed to building a better, more inclusive, and accessible future for mental health services.  Our goal is to build products and services by listening to our community of therapists for feedback, and provide you with early access to product updates.

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First impressions matter

We give you specialized tools to build and promote your practice’s website yourself. No expertise required.

Leverage our expertise

Mental health is our passion, and our mission is to empower entrepreneurs like you with a platform to run web and social media marketing campaigns that help you reach your community cost-effectively.

Focus on your clients while we focus on your practice

We monitor your web and social presence for needed adjustments and potential improvements. Your outsized impact in your community is how we define our success.

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Why was Maryh created?

Maryh was started out of the founder’s own frustration at the process of finding a therapist. It is a method to simplify that process, and make it as friction-less as possible - for both clients and therapists. 

What does Maryh do?

Maryh works by automatically connecting clients looking for help to therapists that are licensed, qualified and indicate their availability. We understand that there are many directory services out there with long sign up forms and large fees, therefore we don't ask for you to sign up to be matched with prospective clients; rather, we use your online profile on directories and your professional website to determine if you'd be a good fit for a client. Once you respond, we compile the results for the client in one easy-to-parse email. They can then schedule a phone consultation with you or another therapist that indicates availability and fit. The therapist and client can take it forward from there, and we don’t play a part anymore. 

What are the charges?

We do not charge you a referral fee (whether or not an appointment is scheduled), and neither do we charge the client a search fee.

How does Maryh make money if the referrals are at no cost?

We strongly believe in adding value to the mental health ecosystem, not extracting value from it. Our primary revenue stream is through our premium web and marketing platform that helps therapists build and grow their presence online. Referrals are completely independent of a therapist's participation in the paid platform.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Feel free to send an email at support@askmaryh.com for any concerns!