Ravi Punj,


Ravi is a software engineer and brings 5+ years of experience. He graduated from University of California, Berkeley, and worked at a start-up in Silicon Valley for a couple of years, before moving to Toronto.

The idea of Maryh came to him after he saw his friends and family struggle from mental health problems for many years, and unfortunately they were unable to find their ideal therapist. He is now determined to help other people, so no one struggles in their ‘therapist-finding’ journey. That being said, he also wants to help therapists better manage their website and social channels, so they can solely focus on their clients, while technical work and referrals are taken care of for them. 

Outside of work, you’ll mostly find him walking his dog, Coca, or playing video games. His favourite park to take his dog out to is Trinity Bellwoods, and his current favourite games are Rocket League and The Witcher. 

You can contact him at ravi@askmaryh.com for any questions, feedback (which he would really appreciate), or if you’d like to just challenge him in any game on PS4!

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